Diana Yakowitz

When I was a child, I opened the back of my first camera and exposed all of the film. That unforgiving experience made me look upon equipment as something to avoid, overcome, put up with, and then finally befriend. Since that first learning experience, my photographic works have been the result of an interior journey. Starting seriously in the seventies as I also worked in technical and graphics arts but greatly influenced by the sixties, honed in the eighties, then put on pause in the nineties and with many forks and dead ends in the ‘roads’ leading up to today. I have always wanted my work to be more than just recording the visible and more than shades and shapes. I hope my images make visible a little of myself and that interior journey I have been on.

Worked in circuit drafting photography, offset printing photography and freelance photography before returning to school to get a BS, MS and PhD (Physics, Systems Eng., Systems and Industrial Eng., respectively). Worked for 1 year in aerospace then 9 years for Agricultural Research Service (research branch of USDA). Resigned to return to my former passion of photography, and curated artwork for a Tucson coffeehouse for 5 years and ran my own gallery for a year.  While I have had images in photography exhibits and galleries in the past, I had my first solo show of my work in Tucson, Arizona at Kuzu Salon and Studio March 26th through April 17th, 2010. More recently I have had works in two shows in Stanwood and on Camano Island, WA., another show, a group show, at Kuzu in Tucson, participated in Art Walks, etc.

The Limelight Photography

is my Arizona and Washington based business to represent and make available my work. I have started this blog to show my work that is available in limited edition museum quality prints and offered to the public. Each image is officially copyrighted and may not be used without express permission by me. My posts will be of images that are printed and my commentary that often accompanies them in exhibition. I will also note when the edition is sold out. Other images can be seen on my flickr photo stream. Some are already available in print, others are in progress, and all are available by request. Click on the ‘more photos’ link under my flickr images and go to my set “In Print” to see other images already available.

Each print is made by one of, or perhaps the, top quality lab doing museum quality photographic prints in archival pigmented inks (I think 13 color printer) on 100% rag museum papers, acid free. Each are personally proofed by me, and sent to you by me. Each comes with a signed certificate of the limited edition and are priced to increase as the edition sells out. They will not go down in price.

My work appears in private collections in the USA and in Europe and in shows in Arizona and Washington States. I will be posting a resume of my photographic experience sometime soon as I build this site.

You may contact me with a reply comment here or at d.yakowitz@gmail.com. I accept secure credit card payment through Square or PayPal, and will provide information if you are interested.

Currently all of the images shown here in limited edition are still available, but I will post an alert when any edition gets within 10% of being sold out. I do not print the entire edition all at once, so many of these will never have more than a few actually in print.


2 Responses to About

  1. Steven Klass says:

    Hi Diana,

    It took a bit to track you down. I would like to use one of your amazing images. I’d be glad to give you credit for it – I’m just curious what you need.

    Specifically – Your Rossetta Stone Shot has the right colors for a website I am working on.
    Origin of an Idiom


    • glad you like my image and you could have emailed me on flickr. after looking at your website, I am not sure what you need this image for. I need more information before I could give permission or sell rights to use.

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