___ AND ___

___ AND ___

Artist, Hazel Colditz, studying the art of Bruce Nauman.

Maybe it is simplified, stimulating, and romantic to consider some of life’s possibilities in this way, but what I was considering was how we look at art, and are thus satisfying at least one goal of the artist – to have our work seen. Over the years I have done many photographs of people observing art. In fact one of my images appears in an Italian publication by a doctor of medicine on ‘seeing art.’ He pointed out to me when asking permission to use that image in his research, that I have added two more layers to the observation – me, the photographer, observing the viewer of the art through my camera, and now you the viewer of my photographic art. Repeating this observation by photographing someone viewing my photograph, I see a fractal in the making!

This is what I wrote for the commentary on this image for my show in Tucson in 2010. Now, looking at it, I see so much more. Hazel has just had surgery for cancer and I can not help but hope that the last lit ___ AND ___  in the sculpture, CUT AND LIVE, is a prescient truth.

Unfortunately for our world, Hazel passed on to eternity on January 16th, 2012. I will miss her forever.

11″ x 14″ Limited edition of 25, Archival pigmented ink on museum paper, prices available on request.

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3 Responses to ___ AND ___

  1. hazel says:

    oh diana…i love you.

    this image sits above my desk and i did not realize till today the last AND! thank you for your unyielding friendship and love….

  2. I think that knowing you Hazel, I have become more aware of these not so subtle signs. A chill and then a surge of warmth went through my body when I looked at this again with new eyes.

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